First of all, bronze: why is it so important to recycle it?

First of all, bronze: why is it so important to recycle it?

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First of all, because it is a non-renewable resource. Bronze is an alloy composed of copper and tin, two metals that are extracted from the earth's crust by mining, consuming a large amount of water and energy, and that can decay into the contamination of rivers and underground waters. In addition, the useful life of the products in which this material is used can be very short, as is the case of the electronics, which we constantly update. In other words, with a single key, you will close yourself to an increasingly polluted world. By recycling bronze, the world's reserves of its components can be extended into the future. In short, we need to reuse and recycle it so that the extraction of these materials is reduced to the minimum necessary.

Second, we speak of a harmful material. Copper (one of its constituent elements) contains toxic compounds, even lethal to human life.

Now, the question is: how do I know if my keys are brass? And how do i get rid of my bronze waste?

Easy, let's go in parts. To recognize bronze objects there is a very simple trick: bring a magnet close to the object (yes, refrigerator magnets do). Any key or similar object that does not attract the magnet counts as recyclable bronze.

Once you separate your bronzes, find a destination for them. Never in the trash! There are several associations that are in charge of its collection and recycling:

- The Garrahan Foundation recycling program collects bronze to recycle for a social purpose. You can see their delivery points at

- Otherwise, you can find collection points in your neighborhood, through our map:

Keeping your drawers tidy, you clean your room. And your environment. And the resources of the planet. The proposal to help the world is as simple as that we avoid throwing old keys in the trash. It's just a matter of spreading the word.

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