Self-consumption now!

Self-consumption now!

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The Platform for the Promotion of Distributed Generation and Energy Self-consumption, made up of AIFOC, ASECE, APPA, FENIE, Sercobe and UNEF, have asked the Government to promote self-consumption through "proper regulation" and to "eliminate barriers" such as backup toll, which will impede its development.

In a statement, these organizations, which group the vast majority of companies linked to distributed generation and self-consumption that operate in the industrial, technological or installation fields, indicate that they understand that the current terms, contained in the 2013 draft, "They are very negative for the economic, social and environmental improvement of the country."

They also ask that the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism agree on an adequate regulation of the development of self-consumption and distributed generation with the agents involved, "since its implementation would be highly positive for the Spanish economy."

In this way, they underline that self-consumption entails "important" benefits such as the reduction of losses in the transmission and distribution of electricity, the reduction of energy dependence, extra-peninsular costs or economic and industrial reactivation.


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