Rice waste to make a revolutionary tire

Rice waste to make a revolutionary tire

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Tire maker Goodyear will use silica derived from rice husk ash, supplied by Yihai Food and Soil Industry, to make a new passenger car tire, the company said in a statement.

Goodyear highlighted that this new cover based on residues from the rice harvest will begin to be manufactured this year at the factory in Pulandian (China) for marketing in said Asian market.

The firm recalled that it has been working at its Akron Innovation Center (United States) for two years with this residue from the rice harvest and stated that its use is the same as that obtained by other traditional sources to achieve better performance for the tires.

The president of the company, Richard Kramer, stressed that sustainability is a fundamental pillar of the company's efforts in its commitment to innovation. "This new silica protects the environment in many ways," he added.

The corporation noted that this product is used as a reinforcing compound in tire treads, compared to carbon black, which is traditionally used as a reinforcement for tires, as it reduces rolling resistance.


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