Follow nature, not dominate it

Follow nature, not dominate it

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By José Carlos García Fajardo

It is necessary to change the chip and focus on our relationship with the environment. A return to the roots could help us regain our lost identity and a certain degree of control over our mission. What Zen calls "recovering the original face."

Taoism acquires relevance in our time because it can solve the ecological crisis created by the vision of antagonism to the nature of the Judeo-Christian thought that tried to "dominate" it, and help us to regain contact with the rhythms of it.

If one is in harmony with the cosmic and ineffable Tao, one will act according to the spontaneous way of wu wei that is the source of all good, "doing without doing" and yielding to the nature of things knowing one with them.

Approach the texts of the I Ching; the Tao Te King, by Lao Tse; to El Camino, from Chuang-Tzú; or to the works of Li-Chi or Lie-Tzu, it is immersed in the Taoist essence that, like the taste of tea, cannot be explained but can be reached. And "know when to stop."

Taoism is the fundamental philosophical system in China while Confucianism serves to organize coexistence. Its foundation is attributed to the teacher Lao-tzu who lived around the 5th century BC and was a contemporary of Confucius and Chuang-Tzú. The Tao Te King is a compilation of aphorisms attributed to a librarian of the Cheu court who, fed up with the decadence of customs, rode off to the West mounted on a blue carabao. Tradition tells that the guardian of the border left as a souvenir the famous treatise, in 5,000 characters, Tao Te King or Treatise on the Tao, the Supreme Ineffable Being, and Te, the virtue that makes man prudent to walk the Way .

Some ventured that his doctrine was directed towards India and that it would have influenced Buddhism. This will come from India and with Taoism it will give rise to Chang which, later, in contact with Shintoism, will give rise to Zen in Japan.

Few readings will be superior to the Tao Te King and The Path of Chuang Tzu. A large part of world literature could be eliminated without our missing it if we could taste the wisdom of the Tao with the tip of our tongue.

Taoism admits that the real is One: there is a principle of order and unity that is mysterious and ineffable, transcendent and immanent, which "because we do not know its name we only call Tao", or the Way. “There is something that contains everything. It is before heaven and earth, it is immobile, incorporeal, in itself, unalterable, it penetrates everything, forever moving. So it can act as the Mother of all things. If he is to be named, let his name be Great. Greatness means moving forward, moving forward means going far, and going far means coming back ”. Taoism is the supreme reality that reabsorbs all contradictions, it is the principle of liberation for those who grasp it. The man of Tao escapes into the illusory world and reaches fulfillment. After the time of the Han emperors, magical practices and popular superstitions were mixed that distorted it.

Its essence is there, here, in the silence, in the void, in the rhythm and mindfulness when breathing; in whom the Way, Truth and Life are known. As Kashmir Shaivism will say: "The secret is that there is no secret." Therefore, knowing oneself Krishna, Buddha, Tao, Christ is knowing oneself necessary as the empty hollow of the axis where the spokes of the wheel converge, or the emptiness that gives its being to the clay pot, or that of the doors and windows that they give it to the house.

Taoism excludes the concept of Law, preferring that of Order, as a rhythm that harmonizes minor rhythms. Its key concept is Structure. Things are related rather than caused. The wise man sees things in the light of intuition. "Real men were not afraid when they were alone in their views, they breathed deeply from their heels." Like the grass when the wind or the flood passes.

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