DropNet, drinking water from mist

DropNet, drinking water from mist

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In industrialized countries we are used to turning on the tap when we want to drink water, but that is not so easy for most of the world's population. 20% of the population does not have access to drinking water and each year 2.5 million people die of thirst or from drinking contaminated water. These data should make us reflect on this problem.

Imke Hoehler has been concerned about this issue and has designed DropNet, a final degree project that aims to take advantage of fog to get drinking water. The tent-like structure filters tiny water droplets from the mist and concentrates them. Each of these structures can collect up to 20 liters of water per day. It is also very easy to assemble and adaptable, it can be installed on any type of terrain, whether flat or irregular.


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