Proven, walking under trees reduces stress

Proven, walking under trees reduces stress

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For a long time, writers and artists had already considered the importance of trees, as part of ancestral knowledge, of walking through a forest in search of inspiration, when they wanted to have clearer thoughts or put aside worries.

But this time it is the scientists who confirm this popular knowledge. A new study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Hong Kong confirms this, and the more trees the better.

Until now science had not found a relationship between the amount of vegetation someone sees and its effects on reducing the stress that they may feel as a result. The research establishes a correlation, published in Environment and Behavior.

The study

The team of scientists, led by researcher Bin Jian, sought to find the relationship between trees and stress.

They invited 160 volunteers (approximately 50 men and 50 women) who were monitored for their daily stress levels, before the experiment, after being stressed during the experiment, and after watching one of 10 videos, at the end of the experiment.

After the participants wrote their assessment of daily stress levels, the researchers separated them into two groups: one had to prepare a speech for an 8-minute job interview and another that subtracted numbers from the research team without any tools.

At the end of this activity, they were shown three-dimensional videos of tree-lined streets with different amounts of vegetation. After watching the videos, the participants were taken to a quiet room for 15 minutes to write about their experience.

The data collected by the evaluation was incredibly positive, even accounting for the errors of the self-evaluation. By analyzing the data, the group of scientists found that:

“At the lowest level of tree density (2%), 41% of the participants reported a calming effect. As the density of the tree cover reached 36%, more than 90% of the participants reported an experience of recovery from stress ”.

Bin Jiang explained:

‘Stress reduction has a significant cubic relationship with tree cover density. The reduction in anxiety has a marginally significant cubic relationship with the density of tree cover. '

The most important thing about these studies is that trees are not needed to produce these effects on people, which generates mixed reactions since most of the populations live in urban areas and their access to nature is limited and walking near trees it is null, but by virtual means the connection would be established.

We cannot forget what we are in essence, at the root, beings of planet earth. We cannot enter that vicious circle of the city where the little vegetation dulls our senses and stress governs our life.

Take a nature bath to walk under a tree, to cross a river where you can regain peace and breathe a purer air.

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Video: Nature Walk with Rain for Two Hours - Mindful Walking (July 2022).


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