Sonic pollution and its consequences in daily life

Sonic pollution and its consequences in daily life

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Sonic pollution is defined as the excess of sound that alters the normal conditions of the environment in a certain area and that results in the deterioration of the quality of life for those who resent it. This is how the infernal “shriek” of motorcycles and the fury of the thunderous alarms and horns of the cars that travel the streets, avenues and intersections, generate a negative predisposition in those who consume part of the urban chaos.

Conformity in believing that synergy in the concrete “Jungle” must be: hostile, suffocating and aggressive among those who dare to enjoy the collective safari, provokes a state of tense calm that struggles to prioritize reason, tolerance and common sense. If to this, we add the climatic and cultural variables that identify each of the cities in which we live, since a “Boomerang” effect is magnified between: the public noise, the infernal traffic and obeying the traffic light.

There are many drivers of irrationality, who, due to poor planning of intra-urban roads, as they drive heavy trucks and construction vehicles on the main roads with a large pedestrian influx. The dangerous thing is that there are drivers who are in charge of bothering others, abusing the use of the horns or the horn provided in their transport units, which should only be used to comply with land traffic signals.

Also, there are drivers who, to the rhythm of different musical genres, take all that fuss of "death" to the streets, with the complicity of the police patrol. This generates more noise pollution, especially at night, which is a danger due to the direct association with: the consumption of alcoholic beverages, disrespect for speed limits and fear for the rest of the drivers and parents in exposing your loved ones, running into the decibels of stupidity.

It often happens that nightclubs, shops and offices, leave security systems activated to prevent the entry of criminals, in the course of the morning. That is logical and understandable, to counteract the high levels of crime. The problem is that they use the well-known "alarms" that when misconfigured, are activated for no apparent reason in the inhospitable night and without anyone showing up to turn them off. This generates a hostile air among those who surround those places and after seeing the light of day, they tend not to have the help of those involved, in protecting their work sites without disturbing the residents.

We believe that any toxic sound that our ears dare to hear is considered a pollutant sonic agent for people's mental health. This is how the school ridicule in the classrooms, the ill-intentioned gossip in the work offices, the verbal violence in the family homes and even the anti-values ​​of the TV programs, are also part of the environmental problem posed, since they end influencing our relationship with the Man-Middle-Society trinomial, which we related in previous paragraphs.

All that emotional lack of control on the surface, is usually expressed in anxiety disorders, bad mood, irritability and demotivation in carrying out a specific activity. More specifically, it is represented in the so-called “Hyperacusis”, which is intolerance to certain common sounds of life in society, but which generate uneasiness, unease and fear in those who face them on a daily basis. Such psychosensory affectation can have a negative impact on people's daily lives, since it creates a continuous discomfort that influences not only the person himself, but also those who accompany him to perform domestic, work or academic tasks.

However, it is a disorder that could easily be eradicated, as long as the individual internalizes the problem and applies relaxation, meditation and perceptual reorientation techniques within their activities. It is key NOT to wait for the overwhelming situation to occur, to put them into practice, since it must be a process of adaptation to the Environment rather than behavioral repression. Believe it or not, inhaling and exhaling profusely, closing your eyes and counting to 10 or simply understanding that like you, EVERYONE suffers from urban chaos on a daily basis, are therapeutic tips to consider. Optimism and fraternity are values ​​that help maintain self-control and live in peace.

It is necessary to intensify audiovisual campaigns that raise awareness about the collateral damage of noise pollution. It requires joint work between public associations, private companies and foundations, which decide to continue betting on a more industrialized world, but less polluting. It is sad to appreciate the abuse that is made of billboards to increase the irrational consumerism of the people and the political advertisements that, apart from visually polluting, curtail the vital right to communicate an integral ecological message.

Banners, signs and billboards could be placed in areas with high traffic, in which explicit phrases or images about the dilemma of environmental noise are mentioned, so that when people read them from their cars, motorcycles or trucks, reflection is achieved socio-environmental. Phrases such as: "Your screams pollute me", "Patience is a virtue", "Dismay yourself", "Do not go overboard" and "We all help each other", along with representative full color illustrations (skulls, a broken trumpet or “STOP” sign)

Perhaps in your city initiatives are already being carried out to minimize the environmental conflict that has arisen. Remember that in each country there are laws in force that punish city sonic disturbance, but if people do not report it in a timely manner, it is not classified as a crime and impunity is created. If we want an "Ecologically Sustainable Development", it is vital to respect the public and assume a high degree of awareness, so that the "Pachamama" sounds much more pleasant, in tune and melodic for everyone.

By Carlos Fermin



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